Here at Sara's Stepping Stones Daycare we offer a loving space for your child to learn and grow at the speed unique to each child. Creativity and imagination is encouraged daily as well as the development of problem solving skills and independence. 

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We are looking for 

 children ages 2+  


We share in healthy food, arts & crafts, playtime, outdoor activities, story time, rhythm and movement, and as always the wonderful world of imagination.

Everyday we practice good manners, caring, sharing, patience, as well as communication and teamwork.

For a peek into our menus, activities and more visit our blog here!

It is our goal to offer your family the quality childcare experience that will enrich your child's development while you're at work.

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Sara's Stepping Stones Daycare

Child Care Philosophy

We believe that each child is unique and that development is interrelated. Each day we encourage and nurture children's natural curiosity through an integrated play - based approach. We recognize that an optimal environment for the healthy development of children is when caregivers respect and respond to the child’s learning needs in partnership with their families and communities.

We believe that children pick up on behavioral concepts when they are being re-directed to more appropriate forms of expressing themselves. For example if Johnny is throwing blocks at Sally then we would re-direct Johnny to throwing a ball and playing catch instead. It's  important that the underlying actions be acknowledged and guided to a more appropriate activity.

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  Legault Street, Ottawa, Ontario | (613) 808-7477