About my Family

In residence we have my husband Dave and our wildly spirited children Lily (10), Drayke (10), Meera (5), Reyna (3), and Selena (1). My mother Catherine lives in our in-law suite in the basement.

Lily & Drayke are enjoying their days at school and Meera is very excited to have joined them! Reyna & Selena spend the day at home participating in our daycare routine.

Dave is currently at home on parental leave, however he will be returning to work on-call as a field technician in October. He just so happens to have a diploma in culinary skills which means your child is in for an extra special treat, he makes everything taste so much better (so soo yummy!). He is very creative when it comes to activities especially with things from around the house (like shooting home-made TP rockets from the vacuum cleaner!) that gets the kids going bananas! 

Catherine ran a home daycare back in the day and is currently self employed as a relationship coach. She also lives with her dog Jasper, he’s a standard poodle that loves getting attention. The only times he’s permitted around the daycare kids is on leash and never if a child is afraid.

Dave and Catherine have also been known to care for the children at times when I have to run out to the bus on cold days or for appointments and/or errands. They both have Criminal Record Checks.