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I'm Sara and I started my home daycare in January of 2011. When I got my first group of kids I just knew this was it for me, I had found my dream job. Spending my days with awesome little people fills me with such joy and opens my eyes to the wonders of our everyday life. I am also grateful to be able to provide a safe and nurturing environment for kids when parents need to return to work. Being hands-on is my method of working with the kids as they learn and discover all the neat things around them and the things they can do. 

I am always looking for great ideas for activities and recipes as well as going to workshops provided by CCPRN (Child Care Providers Resource Network) (*they are also a great resource for parents). Learning all these new and creative tools helps me to keep the kids on their tiny toes and the imagination flowing while meeting all the important stages of development.

My program is bilingual so I make sure to spend time speaking in both English and French languages during our activities. We sing and dance to all kinds of music, including the unique sounds of the children themselves who just love to make noise... very very loudly!

In residence we have my husband Dave and our wildly spirited children Lily (9), Drayke (9), Meera (4), Reyna (2), and Selena (4mths). Our two eldest are enjoying school in grade 4 and Meera is very excited to have started her first year in JK! Dave is currently at home on parental leave however he normally works on-call as a field technician. He just so happens to have a diploma in culinary skills which means your child is in for an extra special treat since he makes everything taste so much better (so soo yummy!).
 He is very creative when it comes to activities especially with things from around the house (like shooting home-made TP rockets from the vacuum cleaner!) that gets the kids going bananas! He and my mother Catherine (lives in our in-law suite) have also been known to care for the children at times when I have to run out to the bus on cold days or for appointments and/or errands.

I have volunteered for a home inspection offered by CCPRN. I also have an updated Criminal Record Check for myself, Dave and Catherine. I also just renewed my Standard First Aid + Level C CPR + AED.

We are a smoke free home and the only pets we have live in the basement away from our daycare space.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact meI look forward to hearing from you!

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 Legault Street, Ottawa, Ontario | (613) 808-7477