About Us

Our Philosophy

It is our belief that each child is unique and their development is interrelated. Each day we encourage and nurture children's natural curiosity through an integrated hands - on play - based approach. We recognize that an optimal environment for the healthy development of children is when caregivers respect and respond to the child’s learning needs in partnership with their families and communities. People of all ages have the right to express themselves in order to get their needs met and to be treated with dignity. When children feel safe they are able to move mountains.

It is also our belief that children pick up on behavioral concepts by modeled behavior and when they are being re-directed to more appropriate forms of expressing themselves. For example: If Johnny is throwing blocks at Sally then we would re-direct Johnny to throwing a ball and playing catch instead. It’s important that the underlying actions be acknowledged and guided to a more appropriate activity instead of having a young child be isolated. 

Our Program

The best interest of children is our utmost concern when reflecting on our educational program. We know that the rights of the child are to be upheld in our daily practice, routines, experiences and events at all times. We strives hard to develop a well-rounded program for children and tailor to their specific needs.

Our daily activities are designed to:

  • Help children learn independence for their own care, learning and development.
  • Foster a child’s sense of self-worth, identity, & confidence.
  • Contribute to children's strengths & encourage their growth in their weaknesses.
  • Explore what each child wants to know and inquire into, as is appropriate.
  • Be creative and encouraging in each child's individual way of learning.

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