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Is this your first time looking for daycare?

Posted by Sara McKenzie on Saturday, January 23, 2016 Under: To Parents
Many of you are first time parents and that can be an overwhelming task all on its own and now you get to have an even bigger challenge, you have to return to work. Just the thought of having to leave that precious little child that came from you with someone else can be down right scary but It doesn't have to be. This I have prepared just for you so you can go in to that interview more confident and prepared to evaluate the potential candidates to fill that caregiver role. Keep in mind all that is important to you from quality to values and even languages because they will help guide you in the right direction to fit that perfect fit for your families needs.

The caregiver
Do they appear to be warm and loving?
Easy to talk to and understand?
How are they with the children (yours and/or their own)? Sensitive to their needs? Listened to and talked with? involved or directing activities?
Is there laughter? An appropriate sense of humor? 
Are they happy and confident?
What is their experience with children your childs age?
First aid/CPR? Insurance? Police Record Checks?
Who else would be around the kids?
How do they discipline? Is it appropriate? What would be considered problem behaviors? Are the rules clear?

The Program
is there a consitent and clear routine? Is it flexible?
Are there activities that encourage children to think, explore, problem solve, and be creative?
Can the children express themselves freely?
Are there lots of different kinds of toys and play materials like art, sensory, books, etc.?
Is there any cultural learning?
Quiet time? Where and on what?
Field trips?
Nutritious meals and snacks? Are they Allergy friendly if need be?
Are the contracts and policies clear? 

Whats the Atmosphere and safety measures
Are the kids happy? are the kids encouraged to care and respect each other?
Does the caregivers philosophy about children work with yours?
Can you visit any time? Do you like it there?
Are there any toxins in easy access to kids?
Smoke detectors and fire alarms? Fire drills? Fire escape plan?
Safety gates on the stairs?
Are the toys clean and well maintained?
Fenced in yard?
Electrical outlets covered?
Are the rooms clean, bright and ventilated properly?
Is the kitchen clean and safe?

These are the most common questions I have received over the years of interviewing that I have done. I hope they can bring you that much closer to finding that someone who you wish could be you to care for that little perfect someone that means the whole world and makes the task a little less scary.

Best of luck and happy searching!

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