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Valentine's Day!

Posted by Sara McKenzie on Tuesday, February 23, 2016 Under: Special Events

Valentine’s Day Week

Who doesn’t love the day of love! Sure it’s a hallmark holiday as some would say but some could also argue that we should express our love every day. BUT for us at daycare it makes for an excellent theme week and that, ladies and gents, I am all for celebrating and spreading the joy these fun activities have brought us during our days.


One of our friends brought in a pretty pink balloon for us to share and play with and so we most certainly took advantage of this opportunity and did just that. We kept it in the air for as long as we could. We tried to throw it to each other like a ball which was the most fun. We also got to take turns creating a static charge in our hair and sticking it to the wall!

For craft time we made little sun catchers from a kit I picked up at the dollar store, which was perfect for our age group. The kids had more fun making a mess of the tissue paper squares then they did from watching them hang from the sunless window all week, even so I’d say it was a fun experience nonetheless.


We started out with Valentine’s Day themed coloring pages for the kids to practice their fine motor skills with some crayons. Though it may not have all been within the lines they still kept it on the paper so I’d say they are progressing beautifully! To continue on this skill building roll I made two different sensory bags for them to play with in the window. One of the bags had many different shaped and sized objects in with a sparkly water to squish and move around. The other bag had a couple foam hearts and googly eyes with some paint and sparkle glue for a mess free paint experience. We also had a sensory bin that they could actually hold in their hands to feel and manipulate the different items for them to explore.


We had more fun Valentine’s Day themed coloring pages for entertainment while I set up for our hand painting craft. I had bought some canvases (dollar store for the win again!) and made some heart shaped stamps out of toilet paper rolls (which we never ended up using). The plan was to create hearts with their hand prints but alas kids are kids and they definitely took over the creative design for this one! We set them aside to dry and came back the next day to add some fun stickers to give it that final touch.


Hearts, Hearts, & more hearts! We had paper plate heart crowns to run around and play with while we cleared up all the toys from the floor to make space to play our game. The name of the game was to find my heart! 20 cards in total, 2 sets of 10, each with a number from 1 to 10. Using my white board I would write out the number they would need to find for me. It’s a great way to make learning number recognition fun!


OH NO! Cupid has left the building! He left before he could collect all the valentine’s that we made! (Making the cards was fun and fast. I cut out a whole bunch of squares and had the kids color them.) Going around the house I laid out the Valentine’s Day cards for the kids to find and put in cupid’s mailbox to be delivered. The kids LOVED LOVED LOVED this game! It kept them entertained ALL day!

I couldn’t have asked for a better conclusion to our week of love.

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