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Posted by Sara McKenzie on Monday, February 8, 2016 Under: Special Events

Groundhogs Day

This week we had so much fun with Groundhogs Day! We made crafts using green and brown paint on our hands and feet and we got to color in some masks so we could pretend to be groundhogs! I think they had the most fun playing with the masks then any of the other crafts we did.

After the masks were made we built our very own little burrow with blankets and pillows from the living room so that we could pop in and out to see our shadows and have a place to stock pile all our favorite toys. The kids made the absolute best impersonations of what they thought a groundhog would sound like and according to them it went a little something like ‘MEOW’. If you’ve ever looked up the sounds a groundhog makes you would probably stick with ‘meow’ too!

Later on we got into talking about shadows and exploring the different way we could create our own shadows using different toys and props. One of those props was a groundhog cut out that I got from ‘’ (they have lots of great stuff to check out!) and since the sun was shining in through our window that’s what we used for a truly authentic groundhog shadow sighting, of course any light would do the trick just as well.

MEOW away my friends because this year an early spring has been predicted!

~Sara McKenzie

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