Sara's Stepping Stones Daycare Policy

Caregivers Responsibilities:

1.    Will provide a warm, stimulating, and safe environment that is appropriate to the child’s age or development level and will report to the parent any changes in the child’s development or behavior which would be of interest.

2.    Will maintain basic hygiene.

3.    Will provide nutritious well-balanced lunches and snacks.

4.    Will be responsible for child only when in my care. If child walks alone to and from caregiver’s home, the parent is responsible for him/her during this time.

5.    Will provide stimulation and education (music, arts and crafts, reading and free indoor and outdoor activities).

6.    Will provide affection (hugs, cuddles and encouragements).

7.    Will provide proper supervision.

8.    Will ensure all equipment is safe and in a clean state.

9.    Will have outings as frequent as possible to insure a good dose of fresh air, and a respect for nature and the environment.

10. Redirection or time outs are used effectively, however if disciplinary problems arise and a meeting with parents and caregiver fail to resolve the situation, termination of this contract may be necessary.

11. Will provide a years end receipt which will be issued by January 15th of each year.


Parent’s Responsibilities:


1.    Notify the caregiver of ANY changes to the child’s information sheet.

2.    Advise the caregiver if someone other than the parent is picking up the child that day.

3.    Notify the caregiver if any person or persons are not allowed by law to be within the vicinity of the child (proof of legal document will be copied and a duplicate will be kept in the child’s file.

4.    Notify by texting/calling before 9:00 am or the night before if the child has an appointment or illness; please give the caregiver at least 2 weeks’ notice regarding vacation.

5.    Notify the caregiver as soon as possible about any work or school hours changing.

6.    Make sure most times that their child is at the daycare by 9:00 am or 9:30 am at  the latest. 

7.    Ask the caregiver if they can accommodate any changes to the hours agreed upon in the contract, should there be an early drop off or late pickup the caregiver has the right to ask for a late or early fee.

8.    To supply pull-ups or diapers until child is toilet trained.

9.    To send appropriate clothing for weather conditions: WINTER: well-fitting snowsuit, -40 well fitted winter boot, winter hat, water proof mittens, SUMMER: summer hat, sunscreen (if specific brand required), toe covered sandals or velcro shoes, SPRING AND FALL rain boots, water proof rain pants, AT ALL TIMES: a change of clothing, including underwear (if toilet trained) and socks.

10. Will provide the caregiver with formula, bottles of milk, special food, diapers, wipes (if specific brand required), all labeled with child’s name. (if needed)

11. Will provide the caregiver with instructions for the care of a child with special requirements (ex. Dietary needs, allergies, medical conditions) & will provide special diet foods.

12. Will provide the caregiver with at least 4 weeks’ notice before withdrawing the child from care.




• Pain - any complaints of unexplained or undiagnosed pain

• Fever (100°F/38.3°C or higher)

• Sore throat or trouble swallowing

• Headache or stiff neck

• Unexplained diarrhea or loose stool combined with nausea, vomiting or abdominal cramps. The child will be kept at home until all symptoms have stopped

• Nausea or vomiting

• Sever itching of body and scalp

• Known or suspected communicable diseases


• Is suffering from one or more of the above symptoms

• Is not well enough to take part in the activities at the daycare


Parents will inform the daycare within 24 hours of a diagnosis of a serious illness or contagious disease of a communicable nature in the family. This is to protect our family and the other families who attend daycare. Failure to do so is grounds for immediate termination of care. Parents agree that a child will be symptom free, without the aid of symptom reducing medications such as Tylenol or Advil, for a full 24 hours prior to returning to daycare. We reserve the right to ask for a note from your family doctor, depending on the illness/disease. Unless doctor prescribed and daycare provider is aware and consents do NOT send your child to daycare medicated.


Prescription medications will only be given to a child in care with the following conditions:

• Parent gives written permission to the caregiver, with full instructions as to dosage, and times to administer medication. (Forms are available at daycare for this purpose)

• All prescribed medications must have the child's name on the prescription bottle.

• Non-prescription medications will NOT be administered.



When a child becomes ill, we will make the child comfortable in a quiet place where he/she can rest and will be closely supervised. Parents will be notified immediately and agree to begin making alternate work arrangements or arrangements for alternate care. If your child is seriously ill, you or an alternate must come for the child IMMEDIATELY. If we cannot reach a parent, we will call an emergency contact listed on the registration form or the child's doctor may be contacted depending on the seriousness of the illness.



·        Daycare is available between 7:30 a.m. & 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, however, pick up and drop offs are specific to each contract.

·         If your child will be absent please notify the caregiver before 9:00 a.m. that day.

·         Children can attend the daycare on a full-time basis for a maximum of 9 hours per day, unless previously negotiated.

·         Late fees of $1/min. will be in effect after the negotiated pick up time has passed, with a grace period of 15 minutes.  The fee will be paid before the next business day, no receipt will be issued.



·         Daily fee:

·         Full-time:  $46.00/day (9 hour days, 5 days per week)

·         Part-time/Full days:  $56.00/day (9 hour days, 3 days per week)

·         Before & After school: $25.00/day (up to 3 hours)(full day charge during any school closures)

·         Before & After Hours: $10/hour

·         Overtime: $1/minute

·         Payment is expected weekly on Fridays.

·         Payment is based on enrollment and therefore is expected whether the child is in attendance or not for ANY reason.

·         There will be a 20.00$ charge for NSF cheque’s or late payments PLUS any other bank charges to the caregiver will be added to the outstanding amount.  If not, the caregiver has the right to refuse care and cancel the agreement immediately.

·         Any funds given above the contracted payment will be considered a gift and therefore not applicable for receipt..



·         Up to 3 weeks (15 days) each year Sara’s Stepping Stones Daycare will be closed for vacation (Christmas vacation stated below is to be included).

·         Two weeks will be paid and one week will not be paid.

·         At least 30 days’ notice will be given before taking any vacation.

·         Christmas vacation (WITH pay) will be taken from the 24th of December to the 2nd of January.

·         The daycare is closed (WITH pay) on the following days:

            Labour Day              Thanksgiving Day            Family Day


           Good Friday            Easter Monday                Victoria Day


           Canada Day             Civic Holidays                  Christmas Day


           Boxing Day              New Years Day



·         The caregiver is entitled to 10 paid sick/personal days a year. If the caregiver requires any additional time off, the parents will not be responsible to pay for care while a provider is absent.

·         An alternate caregiver may on occasion provide childcare in place of your regular caregiver in order to maintain a consistent and reliable daycare service. Should you not be comfortable with this, you will receive as much notice as possible. However, be advised that under certain circumstances sufficient notice will not be possible. You are free to take your child out of care during the absence of your regular provider, you will still be responsible for payment of that day.


Two weeks payment will be due for the last two weeks of care when the contract is signed. The deposit will act as a holding fee for the child’s placement in the daycare and is non-refundable. One month probationary period will be allowed for the child to settle in, if deemed necessary childcare arrangements will be reviewed. If a situation becomes negative the caregiver and the parents will agree to terminate the contract.



Either party wishing to terminate care agree to submit to the other a 4 business weeks written notice stating the last day of care and reason for termination. The balance owing is due immediately upon receiving notice, failure to do so will result in refusal of services. Termination will not be accepted during a vacation period. Should you choose to terminate a contract within the first 6 months of care the deposit is forfeited. Deposits will not be forfeited for temporary or short term contracts.

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